Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO

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Hip Hop aficionados are going to be having a great time on August 31, 2018 when Atmosphere comes to the Red Rock Amphitheater to show the crowd how it’s done.

Atmosphere is a American hip hop duo made up by rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and DJ/producer Ant (Anthony Davis). The group was originally formed in 1989 by Sean Daley and Derek Turner, high school classmates. While performing under the name “Urban Atmosphere”, the pair were introduced to producer Ant through rapper Musab. Since then, almost every track that the band has put out has been produced by Ant including their first album, Overcast!, which was released in 1997.

Shortly after Overcast! was released, Spawn left the group. Atmosphere continued to perform and tour heavily while collaborating with rap supergroups to produce albums such as The Dynospectrum.

Atmosphere’s most popular album, Headshots Se7en was released in 1999 on cassette. The band would then spend the next decade releasing EPS and studio albums as well as touring across North American and Europe.

The band contributes their success to heavy touring and the fans it produced. Many of their songs deal with Slug’s dependency on alcohol, drugs, sex and validation. He often uses the name “Lucy” as an allegorical reference to his demons. The name was featured so often that it was featured in the name of their 2001 album, Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs.

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