Red Rocks Amphitheater Rules

A location as pristine and beautiful as Red Rocks needs some help to stay that way. That’s why there are some rules and permitted/prohibited items that we’ve listed out for you below.

Please take a moment, read through the information below and that way your trip to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre will be smooth sailing.

General Venue Rules

No wheeled recreational items such as skateboards, quad skates, hoverboards, and inline rollerblades within the confines of the park or amphitheatre.

Climbing, rappelling, or hanging from any overhead structure or any part of the venue’s structures is prohibited.

Scheduled events and concerts will dictate access to the amphitheater. Admittance may require a ticket.

Please be respectful of fellow park guests and refrain from playing amplified music. Instead, keep music listening limited to headphones.

Any fitness equipment that obstructs park or amphitheater access is prohibited.

Any fitness equipment that could cause possible property damage to the venue or to other visitors is not allowed.

Feel free to bring your pets during non-event times. Keep in mind, that by law you are required to clean up after your pet and also leash your pet at all times.

No private selling or scalping of any item including merchandise food or event tickets is allowed.

The Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater logo is protected. By law you may not reproduce the logo without express permission from the trademark holder.

Setting up tables or booths or any type of merchandise stand is prohibited without express permission.

Any type of signage whether commercial or personal in nature is not allowed.

Venue re-entry is not allowed with the exception being emergencies and dangerous weather conditions.

No rock climbing or going outside of the marked trail. Doing so can result in injuries in addition to prosecution according to local laws.

What Is OK To Bring

Binoculars are allowed

Cameras without removal lenses are allowed unless otherwise prohibited by the specific show.

Factory sealed non-alcoholic beverages are allowed provided the beverages are 32 ounces or less. Certain shows may require you to remove the lid when entering the amphitheater.

Fruits and vegetables are allowed into the venue but must be sliced.

All food utensils must be plastic.

Blankets are allowed provided that they not extend beyond your designated seating zone.

Fabric or cloth bags and small soft packs are permitted. 12” x 17” x 12” or smaller.

Food may be brought in a clear plastic bag no larger than one gallon in size.

Seat cushions

What Is NOT OK To Bring

Laser pointers will be taken on sight.

Beverages or liquids that are not in factory sealed containers and/or are larger than 32 ounces.

Alcoholic beverages of any kind.

Any illegal drugs.
Marijuana is prohibited.

Hard coolers or rolling coolers.

Selfie sticks

Any type of weapons

Glass bottles or items

Beverage cans

Animals or pets with the exception being service dogs.

Drones, remote controlled flying machines, or remote controlled flying cameras.

Any type of paper or metallic confetti or other objects that can or are made to be thrown.

Airhorns and bullhorns

Any pressurized aerosols such as bugspray, sunscreen, or hairspray.

Any audio video recording devices such as GoPros or similar.

Cameras with removable lenses.

Tarps of any material and umbrellas.

No smoking of any kind is permitted in the seating area. This includes e-cigs (vaping). For your convenience, designated smoking areas are made available along the outside stair rails.

No smoking of any kind is permitted in the seating area. This includes e-cigs (vaping). For your convenience, designated smoking areas are made available along the outside stair rails.

Items and bags are subject to possible inspection in order to be admitted into the venue. This is only done with your safety and the safety and security of others in mind. Intoxicated guests may possibly be denied entry into the venue.

As these rules are periodically being review to reflect the current standards for safety and security they are subject to change at any point in time.